Seattle web design

As a website designer, it is important to create a portal that is functional and aesthetically appealing. Additionally, it should be in the position to exactly communicate what the business intends to and help create an online goodwill.

Seattle web design

While you are designing your website, remember to test it every once in a while and make sure that it is technically appropriate for your target audience. The design elements that you incorporate into your website represent the voice of the brand and it is vital to make effective use of design tools to make sure that your audience listens.

Effective Communication

Typography plays a significant role in the effective facilitation of this communication process. Simple things such as the size and type of the font affect the legibility of your content and consequently influence visitor perceptions and the success of your internet marketing initiative. If the font that you choose is too small to read, or makes your layout look extremely overcrowded, it is palpable that your target audience may get put off by your website.

The Influence of the Written Word

Despite the various tools one can choose to communicate to online audiences, 95% of the information that is passed on through the web is in the written form. Hence, it is crucial that designers understand the significance behind maintaining basic discipline in the application of typography.

Typography and Audience Behaviour

When a member of your target audience visits your website, there are high chances that they will immediately move on to going through the text whilst ignoring all the flash presentations and illustrations you have put up.

Remember that, at the end of the day, every internet user that visits your website is there with a view point to acquire some information. At the same time, the only information that they deem to be relevant is in textual form; making it extremely important to weave it effectively into your web design.

Irrespective of how aesthetic you make your website look, it is eventually the way your content is presented which will call for action of your target audience.

Reasons why you mustn't ignore the Significance of Typography

1. Audiences tend to first look at the text on your website, hence it important that your content is aesthetically catchy as well as relevant.
2. Almost 90% of your website design will consist of textual elements. Focus on presenting it in a classy and sophisticated manner.
3. Your content is as important to your audience as it is to you. If your design does not focus on making your content stand out, your audience will simply choose to ignore it.

Every experienced web designer will tell you that instead of experimenting with the fancy fonts which tend to be illegible, it is highly recommended that you pick one of the default fonts which audiences are more used to reading. Additionally, take into consideration the demographic of your target audience and select a font which is legible and attractive to that age group or audience type. Picking the right font is not rocket science, provided you are completely clear about basic designing principals.

Seattle web design

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